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Using a Snow Plow With Your Argo

Have you installed a snow plow on your Argo amphibious ATV? Are you having trouble getting it to clear the way you want to? These tips will help you get the best performance from this accessory, from setting it up correctly to getting the last bits of snow off of pavement.
Setting Up Your Plow
When everything is covered in snow, it’s hard to see what areas need to be cleared. Staking out the border with reflectors before the next snow will make it easy to see where you need to go.
The plow is lifted and lowered by your Argo’s winch. It’s designed to connect using the included quick link, not the winch hook. This link goes through the wire hole in the hook and the mounting bracket on the top rear of the plow.
Snow can stick to the surface of the plow, making it hard to roll. You can keep this from happening by applying a layer of snow repellent wax or car wax to the surface of your plow.
Since the plow bracket mounts to the front axle, it can cause interference with standard and Super tracks. However, other tracks are narrower, so they won’t rub against the mounting brackets. Plastic tracks are great for driving on concrete. Snow tracks improve flotation, and they have excellent grip, especially with ice teeth installed.
If you’re driving on tires, running at the minimum recommended pressure will help with flotation. Remember that temperature affects tire pressure. If you keep your Argo in a heated garage, the tire pressure will drop once your vehicle is outside. Lose too much pressure, and you may roll one of the tire beads off of the rim, causing a flat.
Operating Tips
Like any other vehicle, your Argo won’t have as much grip on ice and snow as it does on other surfaces, even with snow tracks and ice teeth installed. Taking it easy on the controls will help you maintain grip.
If you’re going to plow wet snow, always do the job in one day. Once temperatures dip at night, the surface of the snow will freeze, creating a layer of hard ice. This isn’t just difficult to move, it’s also extremely slippery.
The best route for clearing snow will depend on the area you’re working on. If you’re clearing a parking lot, start at one of the outside edges and work your way toward the other side. When plowing driveways, start at the end opposite of where you want the snow pile.
The slower you drive, the more the plow will be able to dig into the snow. This is helpful for clearing wet or dense snow that will tend to push up your blade. If you’re clearing deep snow, you may need to make multiple passes. Start your first pass with the plow lifted up to take off a few inches off the top, then work your way down.
Backdragging is useful for pulling snow away from buildings. Drive up to the wall of the building, lower the plow, and then back up. Only pull the snow far enough to get a clear shot with the front of the blade.
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