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Using Tracks with Your Argo XTV

Do you want something that goes well beyond the abilities of normal off-road vehicles? Do you find that you still bump into the limits of Argo’s amphibious ATVs on mud, sand and snow? If you want the ultimate in traction and soft surface performance, you need to add tracks to your XTV. Here’s what you need to know to choose the right track setup and get the most out of it.

Which Tracks Do I Need?

Argo makes three types of tracks sized for both 6×6 and 8×8 models.

Rubber tracks: These 18-inch wide tracks increase traction while minimizing noise. These are a great choice if you regularly drive on the pavement. Rubber tracks are compatible with 24 and 25-inch tires.

Standard Tracks: At 13 inches wide, these plastic tracks offer better traction than the rubber tracks. They’re also lighter, but they’re louder and don’t grip well on the pavement. Standard tracks are only compatible with 24-inch tires.

Super Tracks: At 18 inches wide, these plastic tracks give your XTV the lowest ground pressure possible. This makes them the best choice for traveling across snow and ice or operating in ecologically sensitive areas. Like the standard tracks, super tracks are only compatible with 24-inch tires.

Axle extensions are required to mount tracks. These are available for models that don’t come with them from the factory. Tracks cannot be mounted over the new AquaTorque mud tires used on the new Bigfoot 800 MX6 and MX8 XTVs. However, tracks can be installed if standard Argo tires are mounted on the rims.


These add-ons can increase your XTV’s capabilities and improve comfort.

Mud flaps: These flaps extend past the sides of the vehicle, deflecting mud and snow coming off of the tracks to keep your passengers and cargo clean. The mud flaps should be removed when the tracks are taken off to keep them from rubbing against branches and other obstacles in tight spaces.

Ice cleats: Serrated teeth help the tracks bite into ice for better traction. These cleats mount to holes on every other plastic super track section, or every fourth rubber track section. There are pairs of mounting holes on each track section, but cleats must only be installed using the outer holes to prevent body damage. Cleats are not compatible with standard tracks.

Outboard motor bracket: Normally, when you enter the water in an XTV, the tire treads act like paddles, pushing the vehicle. When these treads covered by tracks, you’ll need to use an outboard motor to push the vehicle through the water. This bracket lets you mount a long shaft motor rated up to 9.9 HP.

Using Vehicle with Tracks

Take the weight of the tracks into account when loading your vehicle. Subtract the following weights from the total payload capacity.

Regular tracks: 135 lbs. on land, 85 lbs. on water
Super tracks: 145 lbs. on land, 90 on water.
Rubber tracks: 230 lbs. on land, 150 lbs. on water.

Regular tracks: 175 lbs. on land, 110 lbs. on water
Super tracks: 210 lbs. on land, 135 on water.
Rubber tracks: 295 lbs. on land, 175 lbs. on water.

Inspect the track pins before using your Argo. If one of them slides out, the track will come loose and can damage the body.

If the tracks are installed in a warm area like a heated garage, the tire pressure will drop once the vehicle is outside in cold weather. Be sure to check the air pressure in each tire and air them up as needed once they have a chance to cool down.

When traveling through water, keep the treads touching the ground and don’t go through water that is higher than the hull. For most vehicles, this is 26 inches deep. Do not let your amphibious ATV float unless you have an outboard motor to push it through the water.

Even with ice cleats installed, turning, acceleration and braking will be slower on ice as the tracks struggle to get a grip on the surface. Like any vehicle, you should make slow, gentle control inputs to maintain traction.

Get More from Your Argo

Shank’s Argo is more than just an Argo dealer: we’re one of the largest in this part of the country. That means we have the parts and support you need to get the most out of your amphibious ATV. If you’re looking to buy an XTV, want to add tracks, or need repairs, visit our shop. We’re located at 4900 Molly Pitcher Highway, Chambersburg, PA. That’s one mile East of I-81 from Exit 10. To schedule a test drive, visit us online at

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