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What Safety Equipment Should I Carry in My Argo?

It’s easy to get a little careless when you’re driving an Argo. Between its low center of gravity, low ground pressure and ability to cross water, you can go almost anywhere. However, you still need to plan around possible accidents. With this equipment, you should be able to avoid or solve most safety issues.

Do I Need a Rollover Protection System?

A ROPS is a set of bars that encloses the cab, protecting the people inside in a rollover. These are required on UTVs and tractors, but they’re missing from most amphibious ATVs. Why? The center of gravity is low enough that a rollover is highly unlikely. In some cases, adding a ROPS makes your vehicle less safe. It raises the center of gravity, making it more likely that your vehicle will tip over when it’s floating in water.
The ROPS used on the Aurora is significantly lighter than those built for other XTV models, so your vehicle will still be stable in the water. With other models, you may want to skip this feature, unless you only use your vehicle on land.


Head injuries are a risk for any power sport, and driving your Argo is no different. Look for a helmet that is DOT or Snell certified. A motorcycle helmet will protect your head, but an off-road helmet will be more comfortable. These helmets have vents designed for low speeds and large amounts of dust.
Most off-road helmets don’t have built-in eye protection. Skip the sunglasses and get a set of safety glasses or goggles that meets ANSI Z87.1 or VESC 8 requirements. This will protect your eyes from flying debris.


Cell reception isn’t always reliable in the wilderness. Be sure to bring a second way to communicate, like a satellite communication system, a locator beacon or a two-way radio. If you don’t go on long excursions often, you can save money by renting these devices from outfitters.

Fire Extinguisher

Having a fire is bad. Losing your vehicle and your equipment when you’re far from civilization is far worse. Look for an extinguisher that works on Class B (fuel) and Class C (electrical) fires. Metal nozzles work over a wider range of temperatures than plastic nozzles.

Safety on Water

If you’re in any watercraft, you should wear a life jacket. A Type II jacket is fine for shallow water, but you should consider upgrading to a Type I jacket for long excursions or travel across frozen bodies of water.
A bailing bucket can keep your vehicle from flooding, if one side tips into the water. You should have one on hand, even if your Argo is equipped with a bilge pump. A paddle helps you maneuver your XTV and push it away from obstacles. If your engine dies, you can use the paddle to get back to shore.

Get Your Argo Ready for Adventure

If you want to buy an Argo, add accessories or have it worked on, visit Shank’s Argo. We’re one of the largest dealers in our part of the country, which means we have the parts and staff you need to get the most from your amphibious ATV. Visit us at 4900 Molly Pitcher Highway in Chambersburg, PA, or online at Need parts? We can ship them to any address in the U.S. or Canada.

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