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Where Can You Go in an Argo XTV?

When it comes to off-road capability, there’s nothing on the market that can compare to an Argo. Want to cross water? It floats, and its tires act like paddles. Tackling snow, sand or mud? Giant tires keep the vehicle rolling on the surface instead of digging in. Need to make a steep ascent? A low center of gravity keeps the vehicle from tipping. It’s no wonder that outfitters, professional hunters and emergency service providers around the world depend on Argo’s XTVs. To really get the most out of these vehicles, you need to rethink what an off-road vehicle can do.


The stand-out feature of an amphibious ATV is its ability to travel through water. However, there are four key limitations:

– It isn’t meant to cross large stretches of open water.
– You can’t drive in and out of water from steep drop-offs.
– An Argo can be swept away from fast-moving currents just like any other vehicle.
– The tires can only propel the vehicle up to 3 mph, and a track-equipped vehicle can’t propel itself at all. However, a mount can be added to attach an outboard motor if you need more speed or the ability to cross water with tracks.

That said, an XTV lets you cross waterways without needing a bridge or having to switch to a boat. This can save a lot of time and trouble crossing bodies of water, and it makes an Argo perfect for flood rescue.

Mud, Marshes and Swamps

An Argo is perfect for traveling through swamps and marshy areas next to waterways. Low ground pressure keeps the vehicle on top of loose mud, and if the ground becomes too soft, the vehicle floats.

Like to hunt waterfowl? An XTV is perfect for traveling along shorelines and into the water so you can chase your game. Argo even offers their Huntmaster models with Mossy Oak’s Shadow Grass Blades camo pattern so you can blend into marshes and duck blinds. Live in Florida? An XTV isn’t classified as a swamp buggy, so you can use it on restricted roads.

Want the ultimate in mud traction? Argo’s new Bigfoot XTVs have tires designed specifically to claw through mud, but this prevents these vehicles from operating in water.

Snow and Ice

With the vehicle’s weight spread over 6 or 8 giant tires, snow and ice are no problem. Add some tracks, and the vehicle effectively becomes a rolling snow shoe, driving on top of soft snow and clawing through ice when properly. However, driving on iced-over bodies of water is not recommended. There’s still a possibility that the ice will crack, dunking you and your vehicle in the icy water where you can quickly die of hypothermia.

Argo designs their vehicle to operate reliably at temperatures as low as -40°F. If you’re going to use your vehicle in extreme cold, you need to take extra precautions to keep you and your passengers warm when faced with wind chill. A windshield and enclosure will shield you from exposure, while models with liquid-cooled engines can be equipped with a heater.

Steep Terrain

The engine and axles are mounted in the bottom of the hull, and since the vehicle has low ground pressure, it doesn’t need high ground clearance to travel across difficult terrain. As a result, these vehicles have a very low center of gravity, resulting in excellent hill stability. The chance of a rollover is far lower than that of a UTV, which is why most XTVs don’t come with a ROPS installed.

How steep of a grade can an XTV handle? That depends on how it’s loaded and equipped. Climbs as steep as 45 degrees are possible, but care still needs to be taken if the vehicle is heavily loaded or it’s towing a trailer.

Technical Trails

When shifted into low gear, the turning circle of an XTV is the same as its wheelbase. This lets it maneuver around obstacles better than any UTV or ATV on the market.

If you plan on tackling difficult trails, look for a model with Argo’s Admiral transmission. It can apply the steering brakes gradually for fine movements. Beadlock rims are also a great addition, letting the tires operate at extremely low pressures without rolling off of the wheel. This improves ride quality and adds grip for better control.

Get Outdoors With Help from Shank’s Argo

If you want the ultimate off-road vehicle, talk to the people at Shank’s Argo. We’re one of the largest dealers in the East, and we have decades of experience helping professionals and weekend warriors with their outdoor equipment. We can help you find and outfit an XTV to fit your needs from mudding to remote exploring, and we can repair and service your vehicle so you can rely on it when you’re in the great outdoors. Visit our shop at 4900 Molly Pitcher Highway, Chambersburg, PA.


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