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Where to Go in Your Argo This Winter

Where to Go in Your Argo This Winter

Just because there’s snow on the ground doesn’t mean you have to stop enjoying the outdoors. When you have an Argo XTV, you can explore the outdoors no matter the conditions. Here are some of the best places you can go right now for some outdoor fun.

Tips for Planning Your Winter Trip

Whether this is your first amphibious ATV excursion or your first winter trail ride, there are a few things you need to consider when planning your trip:

– Due to their width, Argos are generally placed in the same class as UTVs. Depending on the area, this classification may be called a “Class II” ATV. Trails for Off-Highway Vehicles (OHVs) are big enough for trucks and SUVs, so they’re open to all wheeled vehicles.

– Groomed snowmobile trails are usually off-limits to other vehicles. Make sure the trails you want to ride are still open to ORVs.

– Parks and trail offices have limited hours in the offseason. Before you go, find out when you can get a permit. Usually, you can buy permits ahead of time online or over the phone. Some parks departments also let vendors sell passes.

Not sure where to go? These 5 off-road areas cover everything from snowy mountain climbs to warm dune rides.

Iron Range Off-Highway Vehicle State Recreation Area – Gilbert, Minnesota

Looking to hit a variety of trails, but don’t have a lot of time? Located about an hour north of Duluth, this recreational area has 36 miles of trails at every skill level. Trails are only open on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in the winter. However, unlike most northern off-road parks, the entire park is left open for off-roading, not snowmobiling.

ORV use is closed during the firearms part of deer hunting season. The time of this season changes yearly, but it’s usually during early November. If you aren’t from Minnesota, you’ll need a non-resident state trail pass to use these trails. A one year pass costs $31. Expect to pay another three or four dollars for convenience fees if you order a pass online or by phone.

Allegheny National Forest – Northwest Pennsylvania

Most of Pennsylvania’s ORV areas are closed in the winter, but not the Alleghenies. The winter trail season runs from December 20th to April 1st, opening up the parks’ 100+ miles of trails to snowmobiles and off-road vehicles. A one year pass for an ORV costs $35.

Due to the size of the park, there are several places to enter and start your off-road journey, including spots near Marienville, Ridgeway, Warren, and the Allegheny reservoir. Before you go, check the trail maps to find the best staging area for your trip.

Red Sands – El Paso, Texas

Depending on who you ask, Red Sands is either a well-kept secret or one of the most popular off-roading places in the state. Why? Unlike most recreational areas, these dunes are completely unregulated. That means there’s no organization promoting the area. However, it also means you can park, drive and camp anywhere that isn’t fenced in. Mild winter temperatures make it a great place for duning.

Black Hills National Forest – Western South Dakota and Eastern Wyoming

The home of the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally and Mount Rushmore is bustling during the summer, but in the winter, you can enjoy the area’s beautiful scenery and wildlife in peace. The area has almost 150 miles of roads accessible to XTVs. Limited cross-country travel is allowed for displaced camping, so you can really feel like you’re alone in the wilderness. Passes cost $20 per week per vehicle, and an annual pass costs just $5 more.

Be sure to check the USDA Forest Service site for the latest info on road conditions. Flooding and heavy snow during the winter cause frequent closures on the trail system.

Interlake State Recreation Area – Lynnville, IN

This former coal mine has over 100 miles of trails covering every skill level and terrain from lakes and grassland to strip pits and rock formations. Take in the view at Overlook hill, use your Argo’s climbing abilities on Skinny Pedal Hill, or put your skills to the test on the extremely difficult Rock Garden. The park also offers ample opportunity for fishing and wildlife sighting.

The day-use fee for this park is $15. Out-of-state vehicles also need a $20 ORV permit.

Gear Up for Your Next Adventure

Visit Shank’s Argo if you’re looking to outfit your amphibious ATV with cold-weather gear, or you need to get your vehicle fixed before your next ride. We’re a full-service dealer, offering vehicles, accessories, parts, and repairs. Our shop is located at 4900 Molly Pitcher Highway in Chambersburg, PA. You can also check our inventory at

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