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Which Argo is Right for Me: ATV, UTV or XTV?

Argo has made a name for themselves with their unique amphibious ATVs. Dubbed “Xtreme Terrain Vehicles,” their ability to go places unreachable by other off-road vehicles has made them a favorite of hunters, outfitters, emergency services, mining operations, and anyone else who works in remote environments. In recent years, they’ve expanded their lineup, adding traditional ATVs and side-by-sides built to the same level of quality. Which type of vehicle is right for you? Here’s a breakdown of several performance factors and use cases, so you can get an idea of how one of these vehicles can fit your needs.


Argo’s ATVs and UTVs can tow up to 1,300 lbs. An Argo 6X6 can tow 1,200 lbs, while the most powerful amphibious ATVs can tow up to 2,000 lbs. 

Argo makes two models of amphibious trailers that use the same tire and hull design as their XTVs. That means you can tow anywhere an XTV will go, including over water.

Trail Riding

XTVs and side-by-sides are both wide, so they’re restricted to ORV and UTV trails. Argo’s ATVs are narrow enough that they’re allowed everywhere except the narrowest single track trials.

Seating Capacity

Argos UTVs carry up to two people, as do their larger ATVs. XTVs carry between 2-6 people, depending on the model. The Aurora can carry four people on water, while other XTV models only carry up to two people on water.

Cargo Capacity

Argo’s largest ATV, the XRT 1000 LE, can carry a total of 360 lbs. of equipment on its front and rear racks.

Both of Argo’s UTVs can carry up to 500 lbs. in the dump bed.

The Conquest Pro 950 XT can carry a total of 1,210 lbs, including cargo and passengers, while on land. The dump bed-equipped Conquest Pro XT-X is limited to 848 lbs, so total capacity is in line with Argo’s UTVs.


Depending on the model, the top speed of an XTV is between 17 and 25 MPH.

UTVs have a top speed of 25 MPH, while most ATVs will reach 70 MPH with enough space.

Special Use Cases

The Aurora Responder comes equipped with a stretcher, and is backed by accessories that let you build the ideal first response vehicle.

The Conquest Pro XT-L and XT-X models have a solid roof and rear mesh screen to protect the passengers from debris in harsh work environments.

Want to get your kids into off-roading? The Xplorer XC 90 ATV is the prefect starting point.

If it’s an Argo, You Can Find it at Shank’s Argo

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