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Which Argo XTV is Right for Me?

There really isn’t anything on the market like Argo’s XTVs. These alternative side-by-sides are amphibious, handle extreme slopes, roll over soft surfaces, and pack a lot of passenger and storage room in a small space. Which model is right for you? Here’s a breakdown based on how you’ll use your vehicle.

I’m Cross-Shopping XTVs with UTVs. Is there an Affordable Option?

While their commercial vehicles can get pricey, the Frontier Series delivers all the capability of an Argo XTV for the same price as a basic recreational or utility side-by-side. They still have all of the off-road and amphibious abilities of Argo’s other models. You’ll also get the same quality construction and industrial engines that give Argo a reputation for reliability.

I Want the Ultimate XTV.

The new Aurora is a clean sheet design pointing the way for future Argo models. The company took the time to meet the owner’s requests to build a more capable, easier-to-use vehicle. It’s left-hand drive, has a new, more intuitive steering system, uses front-facing seats for all passengers, and is available with more powerful engines.

I Like Mud.

XTVs have long been a favorite choice for mud bogging because their low ground pressure keeps them from sinking in soft mud. In response, Argo created the new Bigfoot series specifically for mudding. It comes with new tires designed for maximum traction, and it can ford water up to 26 inches deep.

These vehicles aren’t amphibious because Argos use the treads of their standard tires to move through water. However, you can always switch to paddle tires later on if you want to take your Bigfoot on the water.

I’m an Amateur or Professional Hunter.

The Hunt Master series is built for your needs. It comes with popular equipment options and is available in Mossy Oak’s Breakup Country camo for backwoods hunting, or Shadow Grass camo for waterfront hunting.

Argo offers Hunt Master versions of their Frontier, Avenger, Aurora, and Conquest lines. This lets you get the perfect vehicle for your needs, whether you hunt for a hobby, head up expeditions, or need something to recover large game.

I Need a First Response Vehicle That Can Get Closer to Emergencies

From mountain patrols to flood rescues, the compact size and capabilities of an Argo can save valuable time on rescue missions. The Avenger Pro 800 XT Responder has the equipment you need for working in hazardous and remote areas. It comes with a strobe, stretcher and medicine cabinet from the factory. From there, you can choose from a wide range of medical equipment including helicopter baskets and added work lights.

Looking for a better wilderness fire vehicle? Argo offers a complete fire suppression system that drops into the cargo area of this model.

I Need a Support Vehicle for My Business

An Argo can travel on any path wide enough for a UTV or ORV, and it can cross snow, mud, and waterways that would be impossible in other vehicles. This makes it a great choice for supporting off-road events, letting you get closer to supply points and participants.
You don’t have to be in a remote area to see the benefits of an Argo. Ever have your vehicles get stuck at an event because of mud? With an XTV, you don’t have to worry. Its low ground pressure lets it float over mud, and you can use a winch to pull out your other support vehicles.

A 6 passenger Avenger XTV is a good choice for carrying people and supplies to remote areas for camping and outdoor activities. If you need to deliver equipment, consider an Avenger. It has the highest payload and towing capacity in Argo’s lineup.

I Need to Move Equipment and Materials

The Conquest series is built using Argo’s strongest components, giving them the highest tow rating and payload capacity. Each model in the series is built for a specific work role.

The Pro 800 XT is the most basic model, maximizing payload capacity while including useful accessories like a winch and brush guard. The XT-X adds ROPS, a roof, and a dump bed, making it perfect for construction projects.

Do you use all diesel equipment? The 1050 XT-D uses a Kohler diesel engine, simplifying fuel logistics.

The XT-L is aimed at line work in remote areas. It comes with a portable toolbox, winch, and extra lighting to create a mobile workspace.

These vehicles can be configured for a variety of rolls using Argo accessories. This includes a universal mounting system for large tools and amphibious trailers that expand vehicle payload.

When You Need an Argo, Go to the Experts

Shank’s Argo is one of the largest dealers in this part of the country, offering the service and support you need whether the outdoors is where you work or play. If you’re looking for a new Argo, visit us at 4900 Molly Pitcher Highway in Chambersburg, PA. Want to upgrade your current XTV or need repairs? We can do that, too. You can also schedule a test drive here.

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