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Which XTV Model is Right for Me?

Which XTV is right for you? With almost 20 models to choose from, it can get a little confusing. Here’s how you can narrow down your choices based on payload, equipment, and transmissions.

Model Lines

All of Argo’s XTV models are based around three lines:

Frontier — The most basic line is aimed at people who want an affordable way to get into XTVs. They’re powered by an air-cooled, fuel-injected Kohler Command Pro engine making 23 or 26 hp, and most versions use the Classic transmission. This is the only XTV available with 6 wheels, making it the best choice if you need something compact.

Avenger — On the surface, this XTV doesn’t look much different from a Frontier 8×8, but it comes with a stronger frame that can handle greater loads, and it’s powered a liquid-cooled Kohler Aegis that produces 30 hp. Models are a mix of recreational and commercial models including the luxury-focused LX and rescue-focused Responder.

Conquest — This commercial chassis replaces the rear seating area with a large cargo area. The XT-d is powered by a Kohler diesel, while other models use the Aegis. Accessories allow this vehicle to be set up as a small dump truck or tool platform.

Included Accessories

Once you know the product line you want, your choice mostly comes down to the included features. If a feature is included on a model, it’s probably available as an accessory that can be installed on any XTV in the same line. Keep in mind that adding more weight with accessories leaves less remaining payload for people and equipment. There are a few models of note:

The Avenger LX is the only Argo with a built-in audio system. This is not offered as an accessory. The Cranberry paint is also exclusive to this model.

The Responder is built for emergency services and includes added lighting and a stretcher mount.

The Wilderness series comes with equipment for hunting as well as a choice of two Mossy Oak camo patterns: Break-Up Country, for wooded areas, and Shadow Grass Blades, for marshes and lakes.

The Conquest XT-X and XT-L come with partially enclosed cabs. The XT-L is the only model that is not amphibious due to the high center of gravity and added weight of its standard equipment.


Argo’s XTVs use skid steering, applying brakes to the inside wheels to turn. There are two types of transmissions offered in these vehicles. The Classic transmission uses 100% brake force when the handlebars are turned, causing the vehicle to turn abruptly. Wide turns need to be taken in sections, repeatedly steering then driving straight. The Admiral transmission varies braking force when the handlebars are turned for smooth steering that feels more like driving an ATV. Argo has slowly been phasing out the Classic, but it’s a good choice if you’re looking for easy maintenance and a lower price.

Both the Classic and Admiral transmissions are CVTs. Most models are offered with a choice of two of the three available final drive ratios:

High Torque (HT) — Low gearing provides maximum torque, but it limits top speed to 20 mph. This gear set is recommended if you’ll be operating on steep terrain, consistently operating near the maximum load capacity or using your XTV with a set of tracks.
Standard (STD) — Balanced gearing makes this a good choice for general purpose use. Top speed with this gear set is 22 mph.
High Speed (HS) — High gearing that trades pulling power for lower engine RPM, saving wear and tear on the engine if you’ll regularly be operating at high speeds. This gear set tops out at 25 mph.

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