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Who Makes Argo Xplorer ATVs?

It’s understandable if you’re skittish about buying an ATV from a smaller brand. With so many companies wanting to get into the market, the results can be mixed. Sometimes, what you get is just a rebadged model from a reputable company, while other times it’s a low quality model that depends on the brand name for sales. Instead of taking these routes, Argo went with the same strategy they use for their amphibious vehicles: partner with the best brands, and focus on designs that deliver what customers want.

Who Actually Makes Argo’s ATVs?

Unlike many brands, Argo wasn’t going to slap their name on an off-the-shelf design. However, it takes a lot of work to build an ATV from scratch. Their solution is a partnership with TGB. While they’re mostly unknown in North America, this company is a major player in ATV markets around the world.
This Taiwanese manufacturer opened their doors in the 1960s, producing licensed copies of Vespa scooters. From there, they grew to become a supplier for Vespa’s parent company, Piaggio. Like Argo’s parent company, ODG, TGB is a specialist in transmissions. Their CVTs are used in a wide range of scooters and ATVs from major brands, including Piaggio, Polaris, Rotax and SYM.
The company started building their own vehicles in 1987, constructing high quality scooters aimed at the European market. TGB introduced their first ATV, the Blade 550, in 2005. It was an immediate sales hit. In just a few years, TGB became a major player in the European market, with models regularly topping the sales charts in France, Germany and the Czech Republic. Their four wheelers are also popular in Australia, often working alongside Argo XTVs at sheep stations and farms.
While TGB stands out for introducing features like electric power steering and EFI ahead of competitors, their reputation is built on rock solid reliability.

Is an Xplorer Just a Blade?

No. While Xplorers share some components with TGB’s Blade ATVs, Argo has their hand in every part of their design. Their engineers go over every detail, from suspension travel to grab handle positions, to deliver the utility their buyers expect. They also build some of the parts in house, creating something that is unique and suited to the demands of their customers.

Who are Xplorer ATVs for?

Most people who buy an Argo amphibious ATV already own a traditional ATV. With that in mind, Argo designed the Xplorer line to deliver the same experience owners get from an XTV. This means you get features that push performance beyond most competitors, like better four wheel drive systems and extra ground clearance. Argo also chose to go with designs that don’t strictly fit in the sport or utility categories. Every Xplorer has plenty of off-road capability, as well as the ability to carry and tow heavy loads. Also, like Argo’s XTVs, these vehicles are competitively priced. An Xplorer costs about as much as an ATV in a smaller size class, yet it comes with equipment that costs extra on competing models.

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