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Why are Argo Amphibious ATVs Becoming So Popular?

Are you new to the world of Argo amphibious ATVs? With sales exploding over the past few years, what was once a niche player in the market is now a major player. Part of this is due to Argo’s focus on expanding their model lineup, adding easy-to-use models for recreational riders alongside their professional vehicles. However, much of this success is from word-of-mouth, as people discover XTVs when they reach the limits of other off-road vehicles. What makes an Argo such a great alternative to traditional ATVs and UTVs?
Performance You Can Use
Over the past decade, most advancements in ATVs and UTVs have focused on speed. Now we have models that can reach 70 or 80 miles per hour across sand and dirt. That’s great for open areas, but it’s not that useful in the forests, mountains and wetlands most of us spend our time in.
An Argo XTV provides better performance in the areas that really matter to most off-roaders. It stays stable on extreme slopes. It can float on mud and sand where other vehicles bog down. It’s also amphibious, floating across ponds, lakes and streams without having to worry about water depth or access to ramps.
Hunters, Workers and First Responders Hate Carrying Equipment
When you’re going somewhere that’s hard to access, it’s going the last few feet that take the most time and effort. The amphibious and off-road capabilities of an XTV close that gap, letting you get closer to where you want to be, before you have to go on foot. For hunters, that means they can go places that were inaccessible before, and they can take a more direct path to their favorite hunting spots.
First responders love Argos because they’re small enough to get into areas that are inaccessible to other emergency vehicles. That means less time spent lugging around medical equipment and carrying stretchers. Argos are perfect for floods, driving in and out of water, and over mud and sand. This reduces response times, greatly improving the outcome of those being rescued.
The same goes for those who work in remote areas. For example, amphibious ATVs are favored by rural line workers, because they can easily climb steep access roads and cross streams. Maintenance jobs that used to require weeks of hiking can be done in a few days.
Bulletproof Reliability
Argo was building amphibious ATVs before the first three and four-wheel ATVs reached the market, giving them ample time to refine their designs. These vehicles use the same Briggs & Stratton and Kohler engines found in top quality commercial outdoor equipment. The transmission is built by Argo’s parent company, ODG. While you might not know the name, you may already own a four wheel drive vehicle with one of their transfer cases. Even if you buy a base model Frontier, you’re still getting the high build quality professionals have come to depend on over the past 50 years.
Is an Argo Right for You?
If you think an Argo has what you’re looking for in an off-road vehicle, talk to the experts at Shank’s Argo. We’re one of the largest dealers in the East, and we have decades of experience selling and servicing outdoor equipment. We can help you find the right XTV and set it up to fit your needs, whether it’s for work or play. Visit us at 4900 Molly Pitcher Highway, Chambersburg, PA. To get here, take Exit 10 from I-81.
We also ship parts and accessories across the U.S. and Canada, so you can keep your Argo running. To order, visit us online at

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