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Why Choose ARGO?

ARGO is the manufacturer of a variety of amphibious utility vehicles designed for commercial, governmental and personal applications and has been in business since 1967. Their goal is to improve accessibility to difficult to reach job sites by allowing people to climb, swim and cross treacherous terrain easily. These machines are designed to reduce the dependence on air lifts and other heavy machinery required to clear terrain or drop workers into the area.

ARGO’s Values

ARGO is committed to excellent customer service coupled with innovative and effective product designs. ARGO is heavily invested in their employees, and seeks improvement in their designs by helping employees attain education, while also encouraging new ideas and promotions from within. All of these values culminate in a drive toward high quality and superior performance.

Terrain Capabilities

ARGO provides multi-passenger transport equipment that operates with high traction and low impact to overcome a wide range of terrain obstacles. The option of rubber tracks and other equipment makes it possible to cross thick mud, deep water and sand without sinking in or getting stuck. In addition, the high ground clearance allows ARGO to climb and maneuver even in rocky and rough terrain, or where obstructions may be hidden under water.

Passenger Safety

ARGO sets the bar with an extremely low center of gravity, keeping their machine on the ground and resistant to tipping or rolling even in the most extreme climbs and uneven situations. This vehicle is four times less likely to roll than a traditional ATV, so passengers can be assured that they will make it to their destination safely. In addition, all attachments and modifications to the ARGO configuration are designed to have minimal impact on the center of gravity and the equipment’s overall Static Stability Factor. All cargo is kept close to the ground so that there is no risk of loss of balance or control when towing or carrying heavy loads. Lastly, ARGO’s Admiral transmission is specifically designed for smooth steering and acceleration between all wheels so that traction is maintained effectively in every situation.

Environmental Impact

The goal of ARGO is to reach areas that would otherwise require significant clearing and modification without leaving a long term trail. ARGO is completely self-contained so that no waste is ever left behind from fluids, preventing contamination of soil and water in the area. In addition, the low impact pressure of the tracks and tires leaves no lasting impression on the vegetation or ground that was crossed. All moving components and engine parts are covered and shielded to prevent exposure to dry vegetation so there is no risk of fire either.


ARGO is high utility vehicle that features exceptional performance and efficiency in the field. In addition, the various attachments and interchangeable components allow the vehicle to be completely customized for specific industry uses. Buyers can choose between gas or diesel versions, and will have the ability to move up to six passengers and 2000 pounds of equipment on a single trip.


In general, the purchase price and operating costs of the ARGO fall far below what users would expect to pay for traditional equipment. In addition, the higher functionality and configuration options make it more suitable to certain types of work and carrying more payload at a single time, reducing the amount of wasted time and energy in transport. There will be more work days available and more working hours in each day due to the added convenience and reliability of ARGO. The value of leaving the surrounding area untouched is also immeasurable long term.

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